Want to free up your headspace from thinking what to cook?

Want to make the time you spend in the kitchen feel worth it?

As a member of Cook with Gem you'll get me on your side. I know how hard it is to be the busy person who has to cook day in day out but I also know loads of ways I can make that role feel easier and even joyful. Imagine that.

Thinking ahead, shopping, dealing with changing plans and making food everyone will eat is a job in itself. But most of us do it alongside the other hundreds of jobs we have to do every day. So why not make it more enjoyable for you and the people you cook for?

Let me give you a helping hand and make the time you have to spend cooking, time you enjoy. I'll help you create flexible meal plans, give you delicious, doable recipes, and support. So you and the people you cook for eat better and appreciate meal times more.

When you enjoy cooking more, and the people you cook for eat better, the effects are huge - time together feels less fraught, everyone eats a more varied diet and memories of special meals are made.

As a Cook with Gem member, you'll get monthly boosts of delicious doable recipes, bite-size cooking lesson videos and my 1-2-1 support to help you plan your meals, I'll gently guide you into being a more skilled cook.

You'll save time and money, get out of a rut and expand your skills. All while feeling pride in doing something positive for you and the people you cook for.

within a couple of weeks you'll...


get the buzz of making progress and improving your cooking skills without feeling overwhelmed

have your own tailored meal plan, shopping list and recipes as well as skills to freestyle when plans change

make quick wins - timesaving, flavour-boosting and waste cutting tips that you'll easily start using straight away

have had chance to pick my brains in our 1-2-1 call and get realistic solutions for the things that stop you enjoying cooking

grow a stock of ready to go meals in your fridge and freezer as you learn to cook once, eat twice

use the time you spend cooking as your chance to be creative and to make something you're proud of

benefit everyone around you, giving them more variety and chance to enjoy memorable (in the right way) mealtimes

“She has saved me money and my sanity – we no longer throw away loads of food and my children eat a more varied diet.”

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Hi, I'm Gemma but my friends call me Gem.

I’ve spent 12 years teaching thousands of busy people to become confident, organised and creative home cooks. A huge part of that has been helping people who come to me as resentful cooks to find joy in a job they have to do.

I get it, planning what to cook, shopping, changing plans and dealing with people who don't always show gratitude can feel relentless. But by using the skills and tricks I've developed by cooking for my family and helping my clients cook for theirs, I can make the time we have to spend cooking feel enjoyable.

Life is busy but eating is something we all have to do, so I'd love to help you make cooking something that stops feeling like a chore and instead feels like something nurturing that you do for yourself and the people you cook for.

And because there are always nights we don't want to cook or we get in late, I'll get you cooking once, eating twice - so you always have something on hand to quickly reheat into a nourishing meal...without it feeling like groundhog day.

I'm also increasingly cooking more veg-heavy meals and more seasonally. It helps the planet, our wallets and our families' health. So that is a cornerstone of all I share.

The biggest lesson I've learned as a teacher and a student is that too much information in one go and without support, is overwhelming. So that's why I've created this monthly membership. To help you stay motivated to keep on learning. By having simple, easy to consume and quick to action lessons and my ongoing support. So you start seeing results quickly.

“It’s just so nice to not have to cook multiple meals all the time, and to have things that we all like or that we can rejig to suit everyone’s tastes or people eating at different times.”


realistic support for busy people who want to eat well

Making dinner is one of the few things in a day where we can be creative. A chore that helps our health, mood and wallet. Something kind we can do for ourselves and others every day. But if no one has shown you how to enjoy cooking, that may feel like a distant dream.

My award-winning recipes and lessons address the questions I’ve been asked during my 12 years of teaching busy people to enjoy cooking.

Now I've broken those lessons down into bite-sized quick wins and flexible meal plans. So you can change the way you cook without adding more things to your to-do list. In fact it should save you time.

You’ll gain confidence, save money, you'll eat better - and you won't feel overwhelmed.

Get into the habit of cooking once, eating twice and learn how to serve one meal for the whole family without drama – even if you’re eating at different times.

Confidently tackle a wide range of foods so you enjoy eating more vegetables, whole grains and new ingredients.

Gain confidence with knife skills, seasoning, combining flavours and cooking to get maximum flavour in minimum time with hardly any waste..

Learn how to make the most of your time in the kitchen, how to store safely and the magic touches that turn your frozen leftovers into different meals the next time you use them.

Tailor my flexible seasonal meal plans so you don't use up headspace thinking what to make and can eat what's best in season.


“I really appreciate your style of cooking and your style of teaching. It's so natural that it feels like you've got a mate round talking it through! I've learnt so many tips and tricks that I now do naturally"

Your monthly membership includes...

two x 10 minute cooking class videos per month to gently grow your technical skills - watch whenever suits you.

a monthly recipe booklet. So you can improve skills and try the ingredients in that month's videos. Recipes come with advice on how to prep ahead, store and reuse leftovers and how to adjust for any dietary needs you have

a 15 minute 1-2-1 call with me every month where we can plan your meals, keep you on track and run through any questions about all things cooking.

a new flexible meal plan every month with seasonal recipes. Designed so we can work together to help you tailor it to your family. You'll remake favourites without feeling overwhelmed. All while filling your fridge and freezer with cook once eat twice meals.


“I have learnt so much, not just from her delicious recipes but also her philosophy of using up leftovers and cooking once, eating twice. I now have a freezer stocked with pots (all labelled with masking tape!) of meals I’ve made double of and will reheat and serve in a different way. I can now also look into my fridge and come up with ways to use leftover ingredients instead of throwing them away. She has definitely saved me money and my sanity – we no longer throw away loads of food and my children eat a more varied diet now that I only have to cook one meal a night.”

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  • Access to recipes and videos while you are a paying member

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£350 / per year

  • 12 months for the price of 10 - save £70
  • Lifetime access to recipes and videos
  • Bonus 1-2-1 video call with me when you join

Pay for a year - Spread the cost

£120 / per month for 3 months

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  • Lifetime access to recipes and videos
  • Bonus 1-2-1 video call with me when you join

Any questions?

Yes, if you become an annual subscriber, you can save money by paying up front or in three instalments over the first 3 months of your membership.

Your first payment will be taken on the day you sign up, the second will be taken a calendar month later on the same date and the final payment a month after that.

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This is designed to fit into the small slivers of time we have.

You'll have 2x 10 minute videos to watch each month - watch them when you're in line at the shops, in between meetings, while you want lunch or wherever you watch videos.

Even if you just do that you'll learn.

But to really make a change, I'd hope you make the 2x recipes a month that use the techniques in the videos.

The recipes will only ever take 30 minutes or less of hands-on time.

Either cook the recipes when you'd normally be cooking dinner midweek, or if it works better for you, block out an hour once a month at the weekend and make them then.

All the recipes come with advice on how to store and reheat them so whatever you choose to do, you'll have lovely dinners to look forward to.

The zoom calls are optional and will be around 30 minutes, twice a month. Use the time in the call to write out your meal plans and shopping lists and ask me any questions.

Just drop me an email and I can cancel your membership. Please let me know why it hasn't worked for you so that I can keep on improving what I do.

If you have paid for annual membership, I will refund you for the months you've not yet received.

If you have paid for a monthly membership, you can cancel your recurring payment using the instructions I send you when you cancel.

You'll receive a welcome email on the day you sign up with links to that month's recipes, videos and the quarterly meal plan in. Then you'll receive new materials on the 1st of every month.

As a small business I hope you can appreciate the impact if people share the work I create for my paying members. 

I'd love you to share the videos and recipes with people in your house but your membership will be cancelled if I see that your login is being used by multiple devices.

The recipes and videos are saved on a members only website. You are not able to share your login with anyone else.

The range of lessons will tackle a wide range of ingredients. Every recipe comes with details of how to make it work if you are vegetarian, gluten or dairy free.

Like most people I'm looking to incorporate more vegetarian meals into my week so you'll get plenty of them. These lessons will help you make vegetables and vegetarian meals taste delicious.

If you have an allergy or a dietary need, let me know and I'll make sure I cover alternatives. After 11+ years of teaching people to cook, I've encountered most dietary restrictions so I'm always mindful of suggesting substitutions.

I created this membership to avoid people feeling overwhelmed. So if there is a month when you know you'll be away or be busy, know that you can come back and make those recipes another time.

I'll also be on hand to help you plan ahead for when you know life will be busy, or to help you learn how to be flexible when plans change.

As an annual member you will have lifetime access to the materials. If you are a monthly member (paying monthly) you will have access to the monthly lessons you have paid for whilst you are a paying member.

The recipes and videos are hosted on a members-only website.

When you sign up, you'll get a welcome email from me with links to the first month's videos and recipes. Then on the 1st of every month, you'll get the link to your new month's materials via email.

The videos can be watched on your phone, tablet or laptop.

The recipe will be on a page that you either print to keep or view online.

Monthly live Q&As will be hosted on zoom. The login details for the zoom call will be on your monthly email and on the website.

If you join as an annual member (paying up front for the year or in 3 chunks) you'll have lifetime access to the videos and recipes you've paid for as part of your membership. If you join as a monthly member, you'll get access to all the monthly lessons you've paid for whilst you are a paying member.

Of course! My sign up process is in GB£ but you can choose your currency as part of the process. All recipes come with UK and US ingredient names, measurements and temperatures.

This is for any level of cook - that may sound vague but my 10 years of teaching mixed ability classes means that I demonstrate and explain what I'm sharing in a way that allows everyone to get value from it. Often the people who have been cooking the longest are the ones who don't realise they have not been doing things in the most efficient or instinctive way!

In every recipe I demonstrate, I start from scratch. There will be no pre-peeled onions or ready chopped things. 

If you are a really experienced cook, this will help you get out of a rut, expand your repertoire, freestyle with confidence and learn new ways to tackle things you've always done without questioning why. 

If you are a less confident cook you'll have the reassurance of my support and experience as your confidence grows, knowing that what you cook will work. 

Whatever your level, investing this money and time in yourself to learn in a fun and supportive environment will change the way you cook.

How lovely. I'd love that. 

You can choose the gift option in the payment part of the order. That will mean your recipient will get an automatic email with their user name and login. If you don't want them to receive the email until later, please contact me before you make the purchase and I can set it up differently for you.