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“Being a massive fan of Jules’ pickles and ferments (I’m addicted!), I was lucky enough to participate in a Kombucha making class. Not only was it informative and excellently taught, it was also great fun. I can’t wait to learn more. You can never have enough Plucky Pickles!!” - Jen Docker

“The fermenting course with The Plucky Pickle gave me a whole new insight to gut health and how fermented veggies can support you. Plus, it’s really easy to do. Jules walks you through the process step by step, helping you understand the importance but also the simplicity. I made jars and gave them away as gifts too. I can’t wait to participate in the next session!” - Joanne Grobbelaar 

Learn how to FERMENT, Get COOKING WITH SOUR POWER and top tips for a HAPPY GUT

Are you new to fermentation and gut health?

Want to stop wondering about how to ferment and how to use fermented foods? 

Interested in gut health but don’t know where to start?

Let me teach you how to ferment

Over the 6 weeks of this online course, I’ll be DEMYSTIFYING FERMENTATION, showing you how easy it is to ferment at home with fun ‘ferment-alongs’ to watch in your own time and added bonuses of my support via interactive live zooms, Q&As and IGTVs.

Each week, we will focus on a different ferment, with additional recipes as to how to eat these in your everyday meals. I will share the classes week by week on a members-only website so you can fit them into your schedule whenever suits you. You will have access to the course materials after the course has finished too, so you can take things at your own pace and refer back to them.

You will also have access to live IGTVs, to learn more about the wonders of good gut health, bust those myths and hear top tips for a happy gut from Dr Ruth Cammish. These live sessions will also be recorded so you can watch them afterwards if you can't join live.

  • To take part and learn from me, grab one of the limited number of founding member launch places. The price will never be as low again as it for the next few days.
  • Either sign up to take the online course yourself or buy it as a gift. Or, take advantage of this special offer to buy one, give one so that you can take part with a friend or family member and learn together, wherever you both are.
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fermentation skills you'll master

By joining this course, you'll get my support and guidance as you learn to make:

  • The Big 6 - Krauts, Kimchi, Pickles, Hot Sauces, Fermented Pastes, Kombucha.
  • I’ll also show you how simple it is to whip up easy, delicious meals when you’ve got a few ferments on the go!
  • Every week I'll take you one step closer to becoming a confident fermenter.


You'll also learn from Dr Ruth Cammish how GUT HEALTH and fermentation go hand in hand and how eating live food and drink can help transform the profile of your gut bacteria and how and why this is so important.

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“I took part in a Kombucha making class with Jules from The Plucky Pickle and I would highly recommend the experience.  I learnt a lot of new info regarding gut health from Jules and Ruth.  I am now confidently making my own home brew using Jules’ recipes!” - Oli

“I’d highly recommend a fermentation and gut health class with Jules and Ruth.  Their knowledge and enthusiasm made for an extremely engaging session.  By the end of the session I was convinced of the health benefits and also pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the taste of Kombucha!  I’m a keen brewer now and can certainly vouch for the benefits so do encourage anyone with an interest in their health and well-being to give it a go!” - Lynda Stewart 


The videos and handouts for the course will be shared week by week on a members-only website, you can watch them back at any time that suits you. All the live sessions will be recorded so you can watch them back if you can't join live. You'll also be invited to a private Instagram page.


  • How the course will work
  • A beginners guide to fermentation
  • Fermentation fundamentals and top tips
  • Intro to Gut Health

Week 1 - KRAUTS

I will show you how to make 2 seasonal krauts (one with cabbage, one without) and you'll get 2 recipes to help you use your kraut in your everyday cooking.

Week 2 - KIMCHI

I will teach you an award- winning kimchi recipe, the basic brining method and how to create a plucky, spice paste so that you can make a vegan or fish sauce kimchi. You'll also get 2 recipes showing you how to cook with your kimchi and its plucky brine.


In a live zoom session at 8pm GMT on 20th January, Dr Ruth Cammish will discuss and help you learn how the gut has a role in immune function and how you can help improve your immunity.


You will learn how to make a basic salt brine, why you should NEVER DITCH THE BRINE and get 2 recipes as to how to use pickles in delicious meals.

There will be a live zoom Q&A at 8pm GMT on 27th January.


I’ll discuss why fermentation makes the best hot sauces. We will make a couple of fermented hot sauces with a mash and a simple salt brine.


In a live zoom session at 8pm GMT on 3rd February, Dr Ruth Cammish will deliver her second session in gut health and will help you understand pre and probiotic foods, the differences between shop bought and homemade ferments and why FIBRE IS KING!


I will teach you how to make a couple of fermented pastes that will become your FERMENTED PANTRY secret ingredients. And you'll learn two recipes to use them in.

There will be a live zoom Q&A at 8pm GMT on 10th February.


I will teach you how to brew Kombucha – first fermentation through to second fermentation. We will discuss teas/ingredients, equipment, flavour development, carbonation, SCOBY love.


In a live zoom session at 8pm GMT on 17th February with Dr Ruth, you will learn about the link between the gut and the brain and what we can do to reduce our stress levels for a positive effect on the gut.

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  • Full access to practical, easy to understand ‘ferment-along’ videos to watch in your own time
  • Video tutorials and recipes for cooking with sour power
  • A toolkit for good gut health
  • Access to a private Insta group with 1-2-1 support from Jules and Dr Ruth for the duration of the course
  • Bonus Live IGTVs, Q&A live zooms, guest chef recipes
  • Show & Tell and chance to chat to your fellow fermenters


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I’ve been running workshops for years and have been fermenting and pickling for over 25 years, largely from home. I LOVE IT.

I watched my Italian nonna, the ‘Original Preserver’, preserving seasonal veg and as a student, living in Russia, I learnt how to ferment, starting with a simple sauerkraut recipe.

After a career in renewable energy, I turned my passion for fermenting and preserving into THE PLUCKY PICKLE.

My goal is to get fermented foods into everyone’s everyday meals, to share with family, friends and demystify FERMENTATION, showing how easy and fun FERMENTING can be.

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Dr Ruth Cammish

Ruth is an NHS GP, medical writer and speaker, qualified lifestyle medicine GP and kick ass sourdough maker to boot.

Ruth’s interest in gut health started through her journey with her skin.  Ruth is passionate about empowering people to make small shifts, which can massively benefit our wellbeing and lead to a happy gut.


Don't miss your chance

This course will start the week of the 11th January but you will have full access to the materials to catch up and refer back to at any time post course

I won't be running the course again until April 2021.

Invest £120 to learn skills you'll have forever

Option 1

Pay the £120 course fee in one go. This founder member pricing will end on Sunday 13th December. The next time I sell places on this course the price will be £150.

Option 2

Buy One Give One and pay just £200 for 2 spaces on the course so that you can gift it to two people, or take the course with a friend. This founder member pricing will end on Sunday 13th December. The next time I sell Buy One Give One places on this course the price will be £220.

Option 3

Spread the cost of the course for one person over 2x £65 monthly payments. This founder member pricing will end on Sunday 13th December. The next time I sell places on this course the price will be 2 x £80.

If you prefer to pay in $ you will have that option to select currency once you click the 'red' button.

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