Hi, I’m Gemma, but all my friends call me Gem

I’ve spent 11 years teaching thousands of busy people to become confident, organised and creative home cooks. And I'd love to help you become the cook you dream of being.

Everyone deserves to know how to enjoy cooking and to know the quick and easy tips that transform every meal into something delicious. But most people never get taught how, or life gets in the way and cooking stops being fun.

In my online and in person lessons and in all the free recipes and tips I share on here, I help busy people save time and money and deal with the emotions around being the one who has to think what to make every day.

Cook with me and enjoy becoming the cook you want to be. My recipes, videos, online and in-person classes have helped thousands of busy home cooks change the way they cook forever. Let me help you too.

Imagine what you could do with the headspace, time and money you’ll save if you have the skills to shop well, store properly and to turn simple ingredients into meals everyone will eat. We all need to eat every day, so think of every day as a chance to make yourself feel proud and accomplished.

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My Story


I learned to cook without realising, by hanging out in the kitchen in Manchester with my family as they cooked. Like most cooks of my grandma and mum's generation they weren’t great at explaining why they did things, they just did them with instinct and without question.

As I got older I delved deeper into cooking as a hobby, wanting to understand new flavours and ingredients and why I had to use certain techniques to make food taste good. I was working out how to cook at the end of a long working day with a tiny budget. Lessons that I’d go on to share when I started teaching people to cook.

After 10 years working in advertising in London, I moved to California, pregnant and with a one year old. I started teaching people to cook from home in the evenings when my babies were in bed. My lessons kept selling out because there was a real appetite for my no-nonsense, home cooking with big flavours and practical tips for feeding families.

After 5 years of teaching in California, I moved back to Manchester and continue to teach as well as talking about food on the radio, writing for magazines, creating content for brands, cooking at food festivals and running supper clubs.

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By cooking in front of my students for the last 11 years, I've learned so much about about what stops people enjoying cooking. Questions and comments from every person I’ve cooked with, and every stage of my children growing up have added extra solutions to my toolkit. So I’ve built lessons, recipes and strategies to share those tools with you.

I can't wait to cook with you.

Gem x