Learn with Gem

Is it time to become the cook you want to be? You're in the right place. Since 2012 I've helped thousands of busy people grow in confidence, waste less and enjoy cooking.

Work with me in person or online. Delve deep and make big, long-lasting change quickly. Or chip away with bite size quick wins.

Choose from three ways you can learn..


£25 per month
  • Online
  • Inspiration and techniques to eat more veg
  • 2x monthly vegetarian recipes and videos
  • cancel any time, save £50 by paying for a full year up front.

Foundations and Confidence

£49 per month
  • Online
  • Lay proper foundations so that you can cook confidently and creatively. Inspiration and techniques for ALL your cooking
  • 12 week course to lay the foundations and teach you all the most important cooking techniques, mindset and organisation skills. Followed by monthly cooking lessons and checkins.
  • Lessons covering different cuisines and styles of cooking as well as my support to help you grow into a confident, creative cook.
  • 3 months minimum commitment. Save £100 by paying for a full year up front.


£499 per month
  • In person with me in your home kitchen
  • Fast track and overhaul your cooking with totally bespoke in-person lessons in your home kitchen.
  • I’ll bring the ingredients, we’ll cook together and you’ll be left with a fridge full of meals to eat that week.
  • 6 x 2 hour lessons in your home over 3 months
  • Anytime access to my support on the phone
  • Access to all my online courses
  • 3 months minimum commitment.
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Option 1 - Inspiration

Monthly bitesize lessons to help you make vegetables the star of your table - either as delicious sides or as the main event.

If you want...

  • confidence to make vegetables taste so delicious you cut down on, or cut out meat
  • lessons that are simple, easy to consume and quick to action
  • to change how you cook without adding more to-dos to your list.

We all know we should eat more veg, but good intentions are hard to maintain if the solution feels overwhelming. So I’ve created these new monthly lessons to share the small steps that make the biggest difference. I'll help you enjoy cooking and eating more vegetables as we cook our way through the seasons.

Need more information to help you decide? Click here.

Option 2 - Foundations and Confidence

My 12 week signature online course will turn you into a creative, confident and organised cook with a whole host of new meat, fish and vegetarian recipes under your (apron) belt.

Get the secrets I’ve shared in my award-winning cooking classes over the years. All in an easy to access, flexible online course and start seeing big changes straight away.

If you want to...

  • shake things up and try new things
  • know how to make things taste fork-dropping good
  • instinctively know what goes with what so you could cook without a recipe
  • know how to shop, chop, cook and store things properly
  • get organised so you waste less time, money and minimise drama

Take these online lessons at a time and pace that suits you and we'll change the way you cook forever.

Once your 12 week course finishes, you will get monthly cooking and organisation lessons and check ins to help you continue to grow in confidence and widen your repertoire.

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Option 3 - Transformation with Me by your side

Fast track with totally bespoke in-person lessons in your home kitchen.

I promise laughs, chats and delicious food as we make massive progress together. Whatever level you are, whatever frustrates you about cooking, I’ve got you.

I’m opening my calendar to a small number of in-person clients who are ready to transform the way they cook and the way they think about cooking.

I’ll bring the ingredients, we’ll cook together and you’ll be left with meals to eat that week. Plus knowledge and confidence that will last a lifetime. I’ll also organise your kitchen and help set you up with the right tools and kit if you need me to .

You'll get my phone number, so I'm on hand when you need me. Once we've finished cooking in person, you can continue to grow by using my online courses.

If you can’t decide, or want to gift one of these options, drop me a message via my contact form and we’ll find the best fit for you.