Level 2 membership - Let's change the way you cook forever

The growth in confidence, enjoyment and skills of the people who've taken my online course has blown me (and them!) away. Now it is your turn to work with me and change the way you cook forever. Picture how proud you'll feel and the years of cooking you'll enjoy.

Every week I'll take you a step closer to becoming a calm, creative and confident cook. You'll learn a new cooking techniques and tricks as well as the organisation skills to make your time in the kitchen efficient and rewarding.

Just think how proud you'll feel for making time to invest in learning all that. And the impact it will have on you and those around you for years to come.

"I've really enjoyed the course. I've loved trying the new recipes and I really love the 'freestyle section' as it showed just how versatile the dishes can be. I also really enjoyed the organisation/mindset part of the course too. I never knew I needed an organised freezer, but it's fab! No more rifling through unidentified frozen objects and trying to work out what they are!! Thanks Gemma for reigniting my love of cooking."

By the end of the 8 week course you will have mastered how to

Balance flavour, texture and temperature to make every meal delicious.

Enjoy cooking and have confidence that what you make will be something you're proud of.

Make a delicious meal when you're faced with a seemingly random bunch of ingredients.

Sort, stock and manage your store cupboard, fridge and freezer.

Organise your kitchen and use the correct tools so you’re a quicker, more efficient cook.

Braise, pan fry, roast and make vegetables so delicious they will be the first part of the meal to disappear

Deal with the emotions and influences that stop us enjoying cooking.

Make the most of every minute and every penny you spend in the kitchen.

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“Thank you, thank you, I absolutely LOVED it! I can't tell you how much confidence and understanding it has given me. I love that there is no pressure, just gentle and fun encouragement.”


Hey, I'm Gem

I’ve spent 10 years teaching thousands of busy people to become confident, organised and creative home cooks.

I love teaching in person but wanted to open my lessons up to people who struggle with childcare, unpredictable hours or the cost and time of attending in-person lessons.

I've taken lots of online courses in the past and that experience helped me know what does and doesn't work when it comes to accessing and using online lessons - especially when life is busy. So I've designed this course to be flexible and impactful so you can learn lots and start putting your new skills into action in the time you'd usually spend cooking.

I brought in a wonderful film maker to film the lessons and love how you can see every tiny detail, so you can confidently recreate everything in your own time.

I think most people join this course for the cooking lessons but the organisation lessons have created so many 'aha' moments.

I really hope you can take the step and join so you can start to see the difference too.

“"I didn’t think I needed this course. I have 200 cookbooks and think I know a fair amount about food. However, I now realise that I was just good at following recipes. This course has taught me to really think about flavour, has made me so much more confident to adapt things to my taste and really has reignited my love of cooking (which had increasingly become a chore). This course is so much more than recipes, you are somehow able to magically lay the foundations for anyone to become an instinctive, confident cook without even knowing it.”

Is it time for you to...

Have something positive to work through and look forward to. But know that with lifetime access to the lessons, if life gets in the way you can catch up whenever works.

Become a calm, creative, instinctive and confident cook who enjoys mealtimes.

Improve your knife skills and learn essential cooking techniques while making delicious meals - all from the comfort of your own home at a time and pace that suits you. 

Amaze yourself and the people you cook for when you learn the quick ways to balance flavour, texture and temperature to easily elevate every meal.

“I really appreciate your style of cooking and your style of teaching. It's so natural that it feels like you've got a mate round talking it through! I've learnt so many tips and tricks that I now do naturally"

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make progress in manageable chunks of time

The 8 week course is structured so that you can learn, practice and develop skills at a time and pace that suits you.

There are 6 weeks of pre-recorded lessons and 2 catch-up weeks at the end of the course so that you have time to fit things in even if life is busy.

If life gets in the way, you have lifetime access to the lessons so you can pick them back up when things calm down.

Watch the videos and read the workbooks on the members-only website at any time to suit you. You'll have access to them forever to refer back to.

By joining this course, you'll get my support and guidance to make real progress in changing how you cook.

Every week I'll take you one step closer to becoming a calm, creative and confident cook. Every week you'll learn a new cooking technique as well as the organisation skills to make your time in the kitchen efficient and rewarding.

When you sign up, you'll get:

6x 30 minute cooking class videos. Each video gives you a step by step lesson from me in how to make a different meal, covering a range of recipes and techniques which will provide the foundations and flourishes for all your cooking.

6 x 20 minute quick-win organisation and mindset videos.

6 printable workbooks with worksheets and recipes to accompany the videos and give you ideas of how to freestyle and deal with allergies and substitutions.

An invitation to a 20 minute Q&A on Zoom every couple of weeks, throughout the course where I'll answer questions, catch up with how you're doing, fix things you're struggling with and celebrate your successes with other people on the course. The calls are optional and will be recorded if you can't join them live.

Access to a Facebook group where I will be on hand every weekday to answer your questions. Where you can connect and share with the other people on the course as well as those who have taken the course before.

Once the 8 week course finishes you'll get monthly lessons from me to help you build on all you've done, expand your repertoire and have my support to keep you going.

"I'm so pleased I signed up, I've never spent money on something like this for myself before but the timing was perfect. You can tell how much work has gone into everything as it is so easy to use and really shows an insight into how busy families like ours need to cook!"

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Yes, you can split the cost over 3 payments, taken 2 months apart.


In a word - nope.

I've taken a few courses that were all live tutorials and found it hard to fit in with the madness of a busy week. I fell behind and felt frustrated.

So I've purposefully designed this course to be one that you can do at times and pace that suit you. The lessons are pre-recorded so I can ensure amazing production values and ensure every point that I know you will need is covered. You'll have access to all the materials forever so you can refer back whenever you need.

The only live sessions are the fortnightly 20 minute Q&A sessions which will be group Zoom calls. If you can't join live, don't worry. You can submit questions in advance via email and you will also be able to watch them back as they'll be saved after in the members-only website and facebook group.

I get it, I'm a busy working mum and I know that taking time for anything new has to really be worth it. This will be. This investment of time will save you weeks of time in the years to come. It is designed to be flexible to fit the time you have.

You won't be made to feel frustrated or overwhelmed because that's rubbish. Instead, the materials are designed so you can keep making small steps forward that add up to big changes over the 8 weeks.

Over the 8 weeks, you should expect to spend a total of 8 hours of learning time - watching the videos and reading the materials. This can be slotted in whenever suits you - either in a bigger chunk every couple of weeks or a few 30 minute bursts each week. 

Then it is up to you how much time you spend putting everything you learn into place. The course is designed so that your actions take place while you're doing cooking you'd be doing anyway so they shouldn't add more time to your day.

There are 2 weeks during the course where you can catch up, still with my support.

You'll also have time to chat to me and everyone else on the course via the facebook group and live Q&As. There is no expectation of you joining in that way if its not your bag!

When the course ends, you'll move to getting new lessons monthly, at a slower pace so that you can continue to improve and broaden your repertoire.

Please let me know why this hasn't worked for you so that I can keep on improving what I do.

If after signing up you decide you would like a refund, please get in touch.

I won't be able to offer any refunds after 14 days of signing up under any circumstances.

You'll receive a welcome email on the day you sign up. In it will be links to a welcome page.

The first materials will be uploaded on 1st January 2022.

The live Q&A calls will start on 9th January 2023 with separate sessions for anyone on week 1&2, 3&4 and 5&6 of the course - so you only need to hear questions and share success with people at the same stage as you. These sessions will take place every 2 weeks so you can join them whenever you need to.

Following that, you'll get a new set of materials and pre-recorded video lessons every week, for 6 weeks after that.

There will be 2 catch up weeks before the course ends when you won't receive any new materials, you will have access to me in those two weeks as you catch up and practice.

You will have lifetime access to the materials on a members-only website so can catch up at any time. 

You will start getting monthly lessons once your course ends.

As a small business I hope you can appreciate the impact if people share the work I create for my paying members. 

I'd love you to share the videos and recipes with people in your house but your membership will be cancelled if I see that your login is being used by multiple devices.

The recipes and videos are saved on a members only website. You are not able to share your login with anyone else.

I'll be teaching a wide range of techniques and videos using all sorts of ingredients, including meat and fish. Every recipe comes with suggestions for how to make it work for vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free eaters. I'll also be on hand to answer questions about any other restrictions you're dealing with.

Some demonstrations will include meat/fish and if that bothers you, I can let you know which bits to fast forward through.

You will also get access to my level one - eat more veg materials throughout your membership.

If you have a diet that excludes certain foods, this will be so useful as it will give you the confidence to know how to make every meal delicious and get the most out of any substitutions you use without feeling you're missing out.

You have lifetime access to the materials so can catch up at any time.

The course materials will be hosted in a members only website. When you sign up you will be asked to set up a username and password to access this. 

The first week of materials will be uploaded on 1st January 2023.

Each week of the course, I will add a new set of videos and PDFs as well as details of live zoom calls to the members website.

You will also receive emails to let you know when the materials are uploaded to the site.

Of course! My sign up process is in GB£ but you can choose your currency as part of the process.

I've had people who've taken my courses in the US, Dubai, Australia and throughout Europe. All the recipes come with US and UK measurements, ingredient names and temperatures.

All live Q&A sessions will be scheduled to work for UK and US times.

This is for any level of cook - that may sound vague but my 10 years of teaching mixed ability classes means that I demonstrate and explain what I'm sharing in a way that allows everyone to get value from it. Often the people who have been cooking the longest are the ones who don't realise they have not been doing things in the most efficient or instinctive way!

In every recipe I demonstrate, I start from scratch. There will be no pre-peeled onions or ready chopped things. 

If you are a really experienced cook, this will help you get out of a rut, expand your repertoire, freestyle with confidence and learn new ways to tackle things you've always done without questioning why. 

If you are a less confident cook you'll have the reassurance of my support and experience as your confidence grows, knowing that what you cook will work. 

Whatever your level, investing this money and time in yourself to learn in a fun and supportive environment will change the way you cook.

How lovely. I'd love that. 

Please drop me an email and I'll explain the options. 

If you buy through my site and click the gift box, your recipient will receive an automatic email giving them their login details. If you prefer to delay them getting any details, please contact me and I can set them up in a different way.

Previous course participants include a wide range of people from retired people living alone to families with small babies.

Families come in all shapes and sizes and with a huge range of dietary needs. Everything I'll teach you will work whether you're cooking for 1 or 10 people, I'll explain how to adjust things and will share practical tips to help you cook for whoever is at your table (or sofa).