online one to one coaching

This is totally personalised more flexible than anything I’ve previously offered and is specifically for working mums who are already at tipping point.

Nothing will feel overwhelming - no WhatsApp groups/emails/online forums. Just you and me.

You'll have me in your corner - part sounding board, part PT, part private chef, part fun and honest mate who can help.

The women I’m already working with are:

  • Halving their food spend (no more panic Deliveroos/M&S garage dinners/wasted food shopping)
  • Eating more variety
  • Sharing the load
  • Feeling appreciated (or at least less resentful!)
  • Giving them time and energy to enjoy being with their families and friends - or on their own!

You'll get

  • my support to get you into sustainable, realistic habits, organisation techniques and to improve your cooking skills
  • 1-2-1 WhatsApp/FaceTime/zooms with me as often as you need during the week - to plan/chat/for me to demo cooking techniques you’re struggling with
  • Calls or voicenotes to flex your plans and stay on track as the month goes on and life throws the inevitable curveballs
  • members only recipes and videos - I’ll only send you the exact materials that I know you’ll use following our chats so you won’t waste time wading through loads of stuff.

Over 3 months of bespoke lessons and chats, you'll fast track your cooking skills and shift into a new way of staying organised.

I promise laughs, chats and delicious food as we work together. Whatever level you are, whatever frustrates you about cooking, I’ve got you.

As well as recipes and planning, I can help organise your kitchen and set you up with the right tools and kit.

The time and money you'll invest for a 3 months transformation

Your precious time

Worried about adding more to your week? I get it. Because this is totally flexible and because I know what life is like as a busy mum, we can fit in quick or longer calls to suit you. We can chat in quick bursts or more in depth while you're out walking, waiting in a football practice carpark, during the day or in the evening.

You'll save the time you usually spend cooking, shopping, panic planning or overthinking. Instead, that precious time will be spent on our quick catch ups, bitesize learning and enjoying the food you make.

Your precious cash

There has never been a time we need to manage our food costs more. I promise that the money you invest with me will be returned to you time and time again when you stop wasting food, shop better and stop grabbing panic ready made food or unplanned takeaways.

The introduction price is £600 for a full 3 months of working with me - with the option to pay in monthly instalments if you prefer.

Please don't put it off

I'm guessing that if you've got this far, you know you need some help. I'm guessing you've tried various things in the past that haven't worked or haven't stuck. The 3 months we work together will go quickly but the impact will last forever, so I'd love you to start enjoying it as soon as possible.

If you want to work with me, now is the time to get all this at the lowest price it will be. My prices will be going up by £100 in the new year so that I can manage my capacity and ensure I give everyone the support they need.

If you start this month, you’ll be done and dusted by the new year - ready to enjoy it properly.


This is something I can only do with a very small number of clients, so to make sure it is the right plan for for you, we'll have a call to chat about how this can fit into your life, what you need from me and what I'll need from you.

After that call, if we're both excited to work together, we'll schedule our lessons and I'll prepare your first lesson.

''Like a really kind Personal Trainer but for cooking and way more fun''

One of my clients puts it perfectly. Our lessons together have helped her achieve what she never thought she would on her own. She doesn't have to think or prepare, I turn up, we cook, we have fun and I leave her with food to eat that night for dinner and lots of goodies in the fridge and freezer so she can go back to her busy day having made time to do something positive for herself and her family. Scroll down to read testimonials from some of my other clients.


Read testimonials from my in person clients...

“I'm a lawyer and a mum of two. I wasn't interested in cooking and never learned much about it. But I have a family to feed and we like to entertain so I decided it was time to start. After taking private lessons with Gem for a few months, I am miles ahead of where I was! Gem is a terrific instructor; she has lots of great ideas for meals that are easy to make, provides detailed easy to follow instructions, and is very patient about teaching even the most basic skills.” - Sarah

“She understands the demands of busy families and has helped us find a lovely balance of great food with efficient preparation. I also love that she's taught us to organize our kitchen. My time with her has helped breathe new life, energy, and fun into a homecooked meal and has stopped cooking feel like a chore.” - Molly

“Cooking for my family while balancing work and the rest of life can be a challenge. But I'm so glad I invested in a course of lessons with Gem because now I can work around those challenges confidently. I know Gem's recipes will work, that they'll taste great and won't take too long to make. She got us out of our dinner ruts, and really changed the way we plan for the week. An added bonus is that we aren’t wasting food like we were before - everything gets eaten or is properly stored away for another meal in the future. I also have my kitchen impressively organized with all her helpful tips to reduce clutter and keep things to a minimum. The lessons have paid for thermselves now we hardly ever get take out or waste anything.” - Jackie


Hi, I'm Gemma but my friends call me Gem.

I’ve spent 11 years teaching thousands of busy people to become confident, organised and creative home cooks.

I love nothing more than the messages that start pinging onto my phone at dinner time, with my clients sharing meals they never dreamt they'd be able to make previously. And the cherry on the cake is when they tell me everyone in the house devoured it and they enjoyed making it.

If you are able to invest in working with me, I promise we'll have lots of fun and you'll be amazed at how quickly you transform the way you cook.

Any questions?

You can split the cost over three monthly payments. The first payment will be taken to secure your booking, the 2nd payment a month later and the 3rd a month after that. 

These lessons are totally bespoke so I will work with you up front to understand any allergies, foods you avoid or dislikes. I will then build our lessons to avoid those foods. 

When we start working together we'll plan in as many sessions as we can.

We'll have a quick catch up every week via text to check in that you're still ok for any sessions that week. If not we can move them around as long as you've given me 3 days notice.

And if you have any holidays planned during the 3 months, we'll fit around them too.

This is for any level of cook - that may sound vague but my 11 years of teaching mixed ability classes means that I demonstrate and explain what I'm sharing in a way that allows everyone to get value from it. Often the people who have been cooking the longest are the ones who don't realise they have not been doing things in the most efficient or instinctive way!

If you are a really experienced cook, this will help you get out of a rut, expand your repertoire, freestyle with confidence and learn new ways to tackle things you've always done without questioning why. 

If you are a less confident cook you'll have the reassurance of my support and experience as your confidence grows, knowing that what you cook will work. 

Whatever your level, investing this money and time in yourself to learn in a fun and supportive environment will change the way you cook.

How lovely. I'd love that. 

Book a call for us to chat and I can explain how that can work.

You'll have made a huge change to the way you cook after we've worked together. So much so that I don't think we'll need to work together any longer once the 3 months ends.

There will absolutely be ways we can stay in touch or add in lessons if your lifestyle/needs change so don't worry!

Big change takes a big commitment.

This is a commitment for both of us, which is why we will have a phone conversation before we agree to work together to make sure we'll both enjoy the process. In that phone call and in another chat before your first lesson I'll dig into what you need and how this will work with your schedule so that I can make the lessons work for you.

Because I have such a limited number of openings for new clients, I can only offer a refund with the first 7 days of you making your first payment.

We will book your lessons in to fit your diary. The lessons and chats can be totally bespoke to fit your availability so if you prefer more quick calls and lessons, we can do that. If you prefer a catch up at the same time every week or every two weeks we can do that too. Whatever fits your schedule.

I only work with a limited number of people in this way so that I can be as flexible as possible.