valentines dinner

an easy valentines dinner menu

Anyone feel like valentines dinner needs a makeover?

Let’s ditch the red roses and silent, set menu, couples’ valentines dinners in restaurants. Instead let’s gather people we love – friends or family and eat something delicious together.

February is a month that needs a bit of niceness so why not make the 14th the night you stop, set the table, put a playlist on, skip sports practice (sorry coaches), eat together and tell each other why you think you’re all lovely?

If you do all that with a parcel of fish and chips it will still be special, but if you can cook valentines dinner together it will be even nicer.

So to help your valentines dinner be low stress and doable midweek, here are some ideas for recipes you can make with minimal dish washing.

Some are prep-ahead, some are quick ones you can throw together when you’ve dashed in. And if you fancy going all out and making a cocktail, here are 3 easy recipes.

It would make my day to see your valentines dinner and to hear how you make these recipes part of your celebration. So please send me a picture or a message or tag me @cookwithgem

Easy Valentines dinner main courses:

Click the link below each image to get the recipe.

one pan chicken orzo
One pan chicken orzo click here
tray bake chicken
Sticky baked chicken with tomatoes and potatoes click here
Roast carrot salad
Roast carrot salad with salsa verde and cheese (on its own or with a steak) click here
italian fish stew
Italian fish stew click here
eggplant polpette
Eggplant polpette with speedy tomato basil sauce click here

prep-ahead, easy valentines dinner desserts…

marmalade cake
Marmalade cake click here
spiced chocolate mousse
Chocolate mousse click here
slow roast grapes and garlic
A cheeseboard with roast grapes and honey click here

Or just buy really good dark chocolate or vanilla ice cream, drizzle it with good extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of Maldon salt. Trust me.

Love Gem x

Table photo – Claire Bingham

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