Kale, roast butternut squash and tuna salad

kale, roast butternut squash and tuna salad

This kale, roast butternut squash and tuna salad isn’t as detailed as my usual recipes. But then sometimes life means that there is no time to follow a recipe and you just have to scrabble something together is super-quick time with what you have.

This kind of cooking is what I do most of the time. I use up what I have and try and make it into what I fancy. Lunch is almost always a combination of leftover veggies from the night before, some protein and some greens. Or I may grab soup from the freezer.

I’m going to share more of these creations as I hope they’ll inspire you to make them too.

Kale, roast butternut squash and tuna salad

I try and have some leftover roasted squash in my fridge as often as I can, that way lunch is a breeze (see my video here of how I chop and roast squash). I used about half a coffee cup full of cubes in this salad.

Massaged kale is a fancy way of explaining kale that has been shredded and then squished with your hand for a minute – the squishing breaks the kale cells down so it reduces in volume, is easier to chew and digest without cooking it. I used about 5 leaves of cavolo nero kale (Dino or Lacinato kale in the US).

I’ve started buying tuna canned in oil rather than water and it is so much more succulent and delicious. The olive oil gives good fats to help the body absorb all the vitamins from the veg and it helps keep you fuller longer. I use a full can, drained and the oil discarded with only a little remaining.

Some toasted pumpkin seeds leftover from breakfast sometimes make their way onto this salad if I have them. The crunch they add is gorgeous.

To make the kale, roast butternut squash and tuna salad

I massage the kale then toss it with the tuna, squash cubes, salt, pepper and a little red wine vinegar or lemon juice.

Nutritionally this salad ticks lots of boxes but it’s blummin delicious too. It’s also very portable so a great one to take to work for lunch. Please share with anyone who needs a good new salad in their life!

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