5 most useful kitchen tools

The tools that will make you a better cook – my 5 most useful kitchen tools

When the lovely Katie filmed me recently, she asked for my 5 most useful kitchen tools. This is how I replied. These are the items I use at least once a day, and, sadly, they’re the things I take on holiday with me too – such is my reliance on them!

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Microplane fine grater

For zesting citrus, mincing garlic.

Microplane coarse grater

For grating ginger, Parmesan, carrots and apples. Don’t buy the plastic handle version as it tends not to last as long.

Citrus juicer

A hit of lemon or lime at the end of a recipe is essential for brightening flavours. This gets the most juice out of your lemon and lime with the least mess.

Onion goggles

They may look weird but they are my lifesaver because I bawl when I chop onions. These are the only things that have ever worked and I have tried EVERYTHING!

Metal tongs

These should feel like an extension of your hand and essential for lifting and flipping things in pans or on trays. I have 4 pairs because I like to use one pair when I’m handling raw meat or fish and then switch to a clean pair when I’m handling the finished, cooked item.

Cook’s or Chef’s knife – with a blade at least 8-10 inches long

You only really need three knives; a chef’s knife, a paring knife and a serrated bread knife. The blocks with loads of knives in only really serve to make the knife companies lots of money rather than to help you. I’d much rather you use a good (sharp!) chef’s knife for most jobs and really get used to using it confidently.

My favourite knife manufacturer is Global as the handle and blade are all from one piece of metal so are not going to break. They are pricey but will last a lifetime. At a lower price point I like Victorinox. I’d spend money on a chef’s/cooks knife and spend less on the bread and paring knives rather than buy a cheaper set of all 3.

I use my Chef knife for 90% of the jobs in my kitchen.

Knife sharpener

Technique aside, the biggest impact you can have on your knife is to get it sharpened regularly. Use one of these knife sharpeners every month. And please don’t put knives in the dishwasher or in a drawer as it blunts them really quickly.

What other tools should you stock your kitchen with?

Find all the other items that I think are the most useful to have in the kitchen here.

How buying from this list helps

If you buy these bits of kit through my Amazon store, the price you pay doesn’t change, but I get paid a small fee by Amazon as commission. This helps fund the time I spend blogging and recipe testing and keeps my class prices down. I will never ever recommend anything I don’t love, even if I’m offered a fortune!

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