christmas cooking

Recipes, time plans and tips for all your Christmas cooking

Everything you need for Christmas in one place!

Christmas cooking should feel like a celebration, not a drain. With the right plan and recipes you can enjoy the best Christmas food you’ve eaten without stressing or wasting money.

You can now buy my stress-free Christmas cooking guide, containing all my recipes, time plans and tips, as if I’m by your side cheering you on.

I cover everything from the Christmas Day dinner, a dinner party menu and what to do with leftovers.

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Part 1 – A stress free Christmas or New Year’s dinner party…

This menu works just as well for a buffet, a casual dinner party or a Christmas Eve dinner. Everything can be prepped ahead, and most of it can be frozen. You will get an invite to a zoom Q&A where you can ask any questions.

You’ll get all these recipes, a detailed time plan and my prep ahead tips…

  • Welcome cocktail
  • Parmesan and sesame biscuits with almost instant apricot and thyme chutney.
  • Baked ham with a Christmassy glaze.
  • Winter salad of massaged kale, carrots, clementines, toasty nuts and goats cheese.
  • Winter slaw.
  • Herb Hassleback potatoes.
  • Fruit and almond tart with clementine cream.
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Part 2 – The big day – how to enjoy Christmas day without spending hours in the kitchen​…

You’ll get all these detailed tried and tested recipes, including details of what can be prepped ahead and frozen; tips on where to buy the best ingredients and what equipment to use.

You’ll also get a detailed plan for what you can get done between now and Christmas Day to make the day a breeze. Plus, you get my detailed time plan for Christmas Day. These recipes will also work brilliantly for Thanksgiving or Sunday roasts throughout the year.

  • Buying, cooking and serving the perfect turkey – what size to order, timings, temperatures, carving and seasoning.
  • Make-ahead and freeze gravy.
  • Crunchy bay and honey parsnips.
  • Sage, date and barley stuffing.
  • Potato and celeriac purée.
  • Roast Brussels with pancetta, Marsala and chestnuts.
  • Bread sauce.
  • Cranberry and orange sauce.
  • The best crunchy roast potatoes.
  • Carrot mash.
  • Pigs in blankets wreath
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Part 3  – Lovely leftovers…

Learn exactly how to safely save and use leftovers and how to use them as a blank canvas to create all sorts of delicious meals to reawaken a jaded palate after Christmas.

Find out exactly what can be frozen, how long things can stay in the fridge and how to safely re-heat things.

You’ll get all these recipes – which can also easily be made from scratch throughout the year without leftovers – as well as some other simple ideas to use your leftovers.

  • Smoked salmon or trout pâté, crisp capers, speedy pickled radish and rye toasts.
  • Indian potato cakes with chutney, salad and the best coronation turkey.
  • Thai turkey and greens fried brown rice.
  • Panettone and chocolate ice cream layer cake.
  • The best 3 turkey sandwiches.
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>>CLICK HERE<< to get it all today.

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