chocolate sea salt pretzels and almonds

chocolate sea salt pretzels and almonds

I’m a sucker for anything with salt and chocolate. I’m sure you know that by now. So these chocolate sea salt pretzels and almonds are pretty much like crack for me. The people I’ve given them to seem to agree.

Chocolate covered pretzels were a revelation for me when I moved to California. As were chocolate covered salty potato chips (crisps for Brits). I know – dirty as *swear word*. I always feel a bit grubby eating the chips but the pretzels are a bit more artisan snackesque. They are so easy to make at home and cost a fraction as well as having much fewer weird ingredients than the bought stuff. I’m sorry but these are madly addictive.

You can easily make these with almonds – perfect for someone who is gluten-free.

I make mountains of these at Christmas with my boys to give to teachers, friends and family. I also love to make them to serve with coffee after dinner. If you’re in the mood to make more homemade goodies to gift this Christmas, or at any time of the year, read my article on all my favourite edible gifts here.


To make them…

1. Take 2x 100g (3.5oz) bars of good dark chocolate. Something 70% cocoa ideally. Break into a large bowl and microwave for about 2 minutes, stop every 20 seconds and stir to ensure it doesn’t burn.
2. Toss a 175g (6 oz) bag of salted pretzels (not the sour cream and onion ones!), or the same quantity of chopped raw almonds into the melted chocolate. Stir well with a silicone spatula. At first you’ll think there isn’t enough chocolate but persevere and they’ll all get covered.
3. Scrape the chocolate covered pretzels onto a silicone liner (I love my Silpat) or a foil lined plate and spread into a single layer. Don’t worry if they overlap.
4. Sprinkle the still wet chocolate with sea salt flakes (I like Maldon) while it’s still wet then pop in the fridge for half an hour.

5. When they’re set, break them up into chunks and scoff. They’re yummy as they are and are also gorgeous on ice cream. They will last for a couple of weeks in a tin or bag in a cool part of the kitchen.


You can now buy the equipment I use in this recipe through my shop. I’ve spent years testing my favourite bits of equipment so rest-assured that whatever I recommend is the best tool for the job and will give you great results without cluttering your kitchen with unused tools. I receive a small affiliate fee from Amazon if you buy via my link. The products don’t cost you any more. These small fees help me keep creating all the free content I share.

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